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21. Korea -- Asia's rising star
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... OECD group, such as through better child care facilities and more family friendly work places.  Older workers, who often retire at 55, are another hidden resource which could be unlocked through more flexible ...
22. China's reform challenges
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... have been made by others, very often in the past.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the report is its discussion of the need to overcome opposition to reform.  The report identifies three kinds of ...
23. Why did Japan stop growing?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... mid-1970s, Japan enjoyed average economic growth of around 10% a year, just like China has over the past three decades.  A key driver of this growth was substantial capital investment, often fueled through ...
24. Asia's uneven development
... the region as a whole, as well as its major sub-regions, will not achieve these goals by 2015.  Thousands of mothers die unnecessarily as a consequence of the natural process of childbirth -- often because ...
25. Is China cracking?
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... countries typically become democratic, and there are many signs of pressures in that direction. Rapidly developing non-democratic countries often make a transition towards democracy when their GDP ...
26. Human security in Asia
... both protecting people from acute threats, and empowering people to take charge of their own lives, especially women who are often the worst victims of insecurity. Actors who have a role in providing ...
27. Reassessing Asia's economic miracle
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... countries, financial sectors are bank-dominated, and have been used too often as an instrument of government policy for allocating finance to favored sectors and businesses. (v) how to adjust to rapidly ...
28. Will China overtake the US?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... industries were largely developed by people who had studied and often worked in the US.  India's business process offshoring has been driven by Indians who similarly studied and worked in the US. Multinational ...
29. Is China's economy in the balance?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... at the OECD Observer.   Apprehensions about China’s unbalanced growth process concern everybody, but its causes are often misunderstood.  What can the Chinese leadership do to rebalance investment ...
... coastal tooth-knocking ceremony, point to a culture steeped in spirituality and ritual. As the members of the "First Fleet" spread out from Sydney Cove, there were monumental and often catastrophic changes ...
31. Philippines' challenges
... sufficient pressure on the government and the country's elite to change. And too often, anti-corruption campaigns descend into infighting and score-settling among different groups in the elite, without ...
... countries, they have acted more ambiguously, often favouring bi-lateral agreements and official development assistance (ODA) as economic and political tools to increase their own influence regionally and ...
33. Innovating out of crisis
(Panorama/Change and innovation)
... business, research communities and government to develop knowledge synergies. Fundamentally, a culture of openness is necessary, including openness to immigrants who are very often the most entrepreneurial ...
34. OECD and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... a vast array of outreach activities to spread the OECD's good word to emerging economies.  This often reinforced the OECD's North Atlantic identity because it usually amounted to just selling the OECD ...
35. Questions on Japan
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... into industry ("amakudari") is a practice that facilitates close and often shady government/business relations.  Organized crime, the Japanese yakusa, is still very active in political and corporate life, ...
36. Global education in Japan
... abroad, be it for one semester on an exchange program, or for an entire undergraduate program, or more often for postgraduate studies.  Some three million students worldwide now study outside their home ...
37. Italy Is Not Game Over
... often outside Italian borders) to some of the most important inventions of humankind. During the last decade not enough attention has been given to the needs of younger generations - the inventors of tomorrow. ...
38. Kazakhstan and China
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... effort by Kazakhstan and, often, its European partners to boast about the country's achievements, carefully ignoring its problems.  Western journalists seem sometimes to be willing to indulge in uncritical ...
39. Australia: Beware of the Asian Century
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... Party, as often emphasised by Chinese President HU Jintao, such as in his speech on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Communist Party: "The growth of the Party over the past 90 years shows that cracking ...
40. Dalai Lama and globalization
... is too often used for exploitation. Even in this 21st century, rapid technological progress has not led to better moral principles. The Dalai Lama has two main commitments.  First, there is his commitment ...
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