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41. India -- the new frontier?
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... of remarkable strengths in the more advanced and complex drivers of competitiveness. ... The country boasts a vast domestic market that allows for economies of scale and attracts investors. It can rely ...
42. China's rebalancing imperative
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
If there was one big lesson for China from the 2008/2008 global financial crisis, it was the urgent need to rebalance its economy.  Like most East Asian economies, it received a sudden and sharp jolt from ...
43. Innovating out of crisis
(Panorama/Change and innovation)
... is, a factor-driven stage, an efficiency-driven stage, and an innovation driven stage.  Economies in the factor-driven stage are substantially agriculture-based economies for which innovation might account ...
44. OECD and Asia
(Panorama/Governing globalization)
... democracy, respect for human rights and market economy.  But that was not the only thing happening in the world.  Asian economies were emerging rapidly, based on a complex cocktail of export promotion, strong ...
45. Questions on Japan
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
...  The rise of emerging economies like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) automatically means that developed countries like the US, Japan and Germany decline in relative terms.  This ...
46. Global education in Japan
... in the sense that our genes are global, our bodies are global, our societies are global, our economies are global, our environment is global, and even our religions are global. But as separate nations, ...
47. Thought leadership for Australia
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... a resources boom, Australia faces much competition from the newly emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Thus, what is essential is to shape our future by working to a plan and taking charge ...
48. Trans Pacific Partnership
(Panorama/International Trade)
... economies are today performing much better than the crisis-ridden OECD countries. With the US clearly in the TPP driver's seat, the TPP trade talks clearly reflect a US agenda and could result in a lop-sided ...
49. Chinese investment is coming fast
Growing Chinese foreign investment has been one of the strong trends in the world economy over the past decade or so.  Such investment has targeted in particular mineral and agricultural resources in economies ...
50. Kazakhstan and China
(Panorama/Globalization winners)
... will of the Kazakh elite, which may not have a strong interest in diversifying after all: in fact, scarcely diversified economies that rely heavily on natural resources offer the best opportunity for political ...
51. Finance
Global finance must be the most risky, dangerous and problematic form of globalization. But it should not be … Theory tells us that finance should flow from mature, OECD economies to emerging and developing ...
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